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The 2021 Roger Scruton Philosophy Symposium

In August 2021 the four Fellowships for the Roger Scruton Philosophy Symposium were awarded to Ms Maria Kadzielska, Ms Nino Gabelashvili, Mr Bartosz Wesol, and Mr Valentino Findirk. The Fellowships are part of the New Generations Research Exchange organised by the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion, University of Oxford in collaboration with the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Warsaw, the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb and the Humane Philosophy Project with generous support from the John Templeton Foundation. Several HPP organisers also delivered talks at the event.

The symposium was the first face-to-face event the HPP has supported since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and was a great success. The four visiting fellows provided the following feedback:

Valentino Findrik (Croatia): The 2021 Roger Scruton Philosophy Symposium was a truly wholesome experience in the sense that it brought to life the ancient Greek ideal of skhole, or leisure, as a dynamic coming together of knowledge, conversation, and free time, as well as a proper place for these to take form. The fact that this happened in an event inspired by the life work of Sir Roger Scruton made the experience all the more profound and stimulating, as he himself tirelessly sought to embody the same ideal in all his work. The richness of philosophy done and lived the Scrutonian way is something that is greatly missed in today's academia, as well as our societies at large, making events like this a great necessity and an exemplar to follow

Nino Gabelashvili (Georgia): I can say without exaggeration that the Symposium exceeded my expectations, which were very high anyway. The lectures and discussions, but also the short trips were so inspiring. The very environment and place were perfect fit for this event. The intellectual stimulus to look further into Sir Roger's ideas which is born through conversation is unique and for me it is something that can not be achieved without events like this one, which create an amazing network of people.

Maria Kądzielska (Poland): The Roger Scruton Philosophy symposium was absolutely fantastic! I had a great time and enjoyed the very thought provoking conversations. Not to mention the wine, and food, and and local trips which allowed me to experience Roger Scruton's Whiltshire. It has even inspired me to came up with an idea for my habilitation.

Bartosz Wesół (Poland): What was particularly valuable for me about this event was its multi-level character. During these 10 days I had a chance to: listen to fascinating lectures on various different topics; get to know Sir Scruton’s legacy better; visit important historical places; participate in thought-provoking discussions; and most importantly, make friends with many great people. The event broadened my horizons, opened new possibilities and will serve as an inspiration in the future (not only in my academic career).

Images from the Symposium

Images by Alec MacAndrew


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