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HPP Colloquium: 3rd March, Mourning

On the 3rd of March, 2016, the Humane Philosophy Project, in collaboration with the Aquinas Institute held an afternoon colloquium addressing the meaning and significance of mourning.

The Humane Philosophy Project, together with the Aquinas Institute presented a day of talks exploring aspects of this theme. Topics included the theological justification of grief in Thomas Aquinas, the role of community in the psychology of mourning, connections between grief and the sense of self, the obligations of piety, and tensions in modern understandings of mortality and bereavement.

Footage of this event can be found at the media page.


Richard Conrad - 'Aquinas on How Not to Resign Ourselves to God’s Will' Lesley Chamberlain - 'Sidgwick’s Dilemma' Colin Parkes - 'Grieving and Mourning: The psychology of bereavement' Roger Scruton - 'What Do We Owe to the Dead?' Raymond Tallis - 'The Difficult Art of Outliving'


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