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9 June, Joanna Leidenhag “Panpsychism and God(s)”

On 9 June Dr Joanna Leidenhag (University of Leeds) spoke at the HPP-IRC "Persons, Mind and Cosmos" seminar.

Dr Joanna Leidenhag is Lecturer in Theology and Liberal Arts at the University of Leeds. She published her first monograph, Minding Creation: Theological Panpsychism and the Doctrine of Creation with Bloomsbury/T&T Clark in 2021. She went to Princeton Theological Seminary (2013–14), and subsequently completed her PhD at the University of Edinburgh (2019). She was a postdoctoral research fellow, and then lecturer, in science-engaged theology at the University of St Andrews (2018–2021) where she also worked on on two large grants from the John Templeton Foundation, the St Andrews Fellows in Science & Religion and the New Visions in Theological Anthropology. Her research is mainly in analytic theology, disability theology, and science-engaged theology.


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