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NGRE Fellow: Anastasia Dyakun

Anastasia Dyakun is a Senior MBA Engagement Manager at Cranfield University, UK. While being part of the NGRE, she wrote her first master's thesis at the Ukrainian Catholic University on the Catholic theological response to the rise of the technocratic paradigm in 20-21st centuries.

Anastasia is soon to graduate with her second master's in psychology. She is conducting research on the correlation between faith and resilience in the reality of war. Fascinated to discover how our core beliefs influence the level of our resilience, she has based her research design on Victor Franks's existential and humanistic psychological approach, hoping to discover how faith and a sense of purpose in life help people cope with the extreme difficulties in life. With the support of the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion, University of Oxford, the results of the research will be used for psychoeducational purposes to support the people of Ukraine.


- Bachelor's degree in Philology: Applied Linguistics (comparable UK qualification: Bachelor (Honours) Degree, RQF Level 6). Grade: 86.74/100.

- Master's degree in Theology: Theologian, Lecturer of Theology (comparable UK qualification: Master's degree, RQF Level 7). Grade: 95/100.

- Certificate in Safeguarding (Pontifical Gregorian University).

- CBT+ certificate: Basic CBT techniques for counselling and coaching (Ukrainian Institute of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy).

- Master's degree in Psychology: Clinical psychology with the Basics of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (Ukrainian Catholic University).



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