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7 February, Iain McGilchrist: Brains, Delusions and the Future of the University

On 7 February, Dr Iain McGilchrist will deliver a talk entitled "Dominus Illuminatio Mea: Our Brains, Our Delusions, and the Future of the University" for a special instalment of the HPP/IRC seminar in collaboration with Pusey House's Centre for Theology, Law, and Culture.

Time: 4pm

Venue: Pusey House Chapel, St. Giles, Oxford

ABSTRACT Universities face a number of challenges which threaten to make them less attractive and more expensive. Indeed, some seem already to consider universities increasingly irrelevant. Yet at their best they are – or should be – the stewards of a long tradition of scholarship, of the rigour, honesty and free discourse that alone can lead to truth, and the custodians of wisdom. Hemisphere theory may offer a lens through which to understand how we come to be in this predicament and how we can begin to extricate ourselves from it.

IAIN MCGILCHRIST is a literary scholar, consultant psychiatrist, and the noted author of the neuroscientific book, The Master and His Emissary (2009), and the epistemological and metaphysical book, The Matter With Things (2021).


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