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23 November, Ralph Stefan Weir "In Defence of the Soul"

On 23 November HPP organiser Ralph Weir will deliver a talk entitled "In Defence of the Soul" as part of the Recollection Series at Pusey House.

Time: 4pm, Wednesday 23 November

Venue: Chapel, Pusey House, St. Giles, Oxford

This event is free and open to the public. Regular HPP attendees should take note that it will take place at Pusey House.

Abstract In this talk, Dr Weir will ask what a culturally and scientifically informed person should think about the idea of the soul, discussing a number of commonplace misconceptions, and reflecting on why the idea of the soul evokes such intense hostility in today's intellectual climate. He will conclude by explaining why he thinks the idea of the soul is here to stay.

Ralph Stefan Weir is Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Lincoln, and Associate Member of the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Oxford. He is author of Metaphysics and the Mind-Body Problem forthcoming with Routledge in 2023. His recent publications include From Existentialism to Metaphysics co-edited with Benedikt Paul Göcke (Peter Lang, 2021), "Christian Physicalism and the Biblical Argument for Dualism" (International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 2022), "Bring Back Substances!" (Review of Metaphysics, 2021), "Can a Post-Galilean Science of Consciousness Avoid Substance Dualism?" (Journal of Consciousness Studies, 2021) and "Does Idealism Solve the Problem of Consciousness?" (Routledge Handbook of Idealism and Immaterialism, 2021).


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