HPP Series: Jos de Mul

On the 5-7th April the Humane Philosophy Project hosted a series of lectures by Jos de Mul on the topics 'Europe, the Tragic Continent', 'Playful Identities: From Narrative to Ludic Identity Formation'


and 'The tragic humanism of Michel Houellebecq'.


Jos de Mul is a Professor of Philosophical Anthropology at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Among his research interests are metaphysics, philosophy of culture, philosophy of science and epistemology. His publications include: The Tragedy of Finitude. Dilthey’s Hermeneutics of Life, (New Haven: Yale University Press 2004); Cyberspace Odyssey: Towards a Virtual Ontology and Anthropology (originally published in Dutch in 2002; English revised translation was published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in 2010); Destiny Domesticated. The Rebirth of Tragedy out of the Spirit of Technology (State University of New York (SUNY) Press 2014).




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